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"Profe" Cassie Bingham$823.00*swingline electric hole punch = 179.99 *Five Star, college ruled, one subject spirals = 5.00 x 20 *Expo whiteboard cleaning spray = 12.00 x 3 *Rags to clean whiteboard = 15.00 *Expo dry erase markers = pack of 12 for 17.00 *Kleenex = 15.00 *Chromebook class laptop = 200.00 x 2 *raffle ticket roll = 11.00 *pack of red pens = 10.00 *highlighters = 5.00 *scissors = 15.00 *magnets, heavy duty = 15.00
Arlene Gapusan$3,200.00$1,600.00 - $800 for each Humanities Block (Periods 2/3 and 6/7) Fee for Playwright's Project residency - May, 2019 $700.00 - $350 for each Humanities Block (Periods 2/3 and 6/7) Cost of transportation to the We The People Simulated Congressional Hearing December, 2018 $900.00 - $300 for each U.S. History Section (Periods 2,4 and 6) Fee for 10 team entries to compete at SDCOE National History Day March, 2019
ASB$500.00Costs of substitute teachers to go on field trips for ASB.
AVID$1,500.00Substitute teacher costs when on field trips. $250/day, 3 full days for 2 teachers = 6 days total.
Banuelos $200.00Classroom supplies to support student success (sheet protectors, protractors, white board markers, sticky notes, Kleenex, tape, etc.).
BMMS Library$1,500.00The Library would like to purchase $1000.00 of fiction and nonfiction books for students. We are having a reading incentive program called the Armchair Traveler World Reader Challenge this year and would like to purchase 4 tickets for the grand prize winner to an amusement park. We would also like to have much smaller incentive prizes for 30 students, 10 in each grade level, three times before the March deadline.
Campos$450.00I would love an IPAD with an Apple pencil. I hope to be able to input grades in real time using the IPAD and also create videos using the IPAD and Apple Pencil reteaching and showing various math concepts that I could put onto Myconnect for my students to access any time and as many times as they need.
Danielle Reyes$1,000.003 chromebooks to help create a 1-1 classroom 2 iPads for video creation via iMovie Study.com subscription $40/month - 10 months, $400 Various classroom supplies (staplers, staples, tape, expo markers, tissues, clorox wipes, etc.)
Elaine Page$1,800.00Classroom material for labs for the new integrated science curriculum. Wave unit supplies...IT's new!!! digital scales. Hot plates. Field trip to Reuben H Fleet. Quiz Bowl fees for tournaments. Consumable materials. History Bowl entry fees....and so many more.
Emilee Smith$1,000.00Books to update our class library and for literature circles, classroom i-Pads (2) to create movies using iMovie, various classroom supplies (colored pencils, markers, whiteboard markers, paint, construction paper, tape, staples, staplers, clorox wipes, Kleenex, glue, etc.).
Erika Andersen$1,775.00Frogs for dissection for the Body Systems unit. Students study the human body and as a culminating activity, dissect a frog. (~$1000) Bunsen burners for 7th grade Matter and Energy Unit (class set ~$660) Aquarium for guppies for From Molecules to Organisms Unit - 6th grade ~$75 Water garden for Ecosystems Unit - 7th grade ~$100
James Chamberlain$500.00U.S. History & Poetry books
James Crooks$800.00Dissection frogs & related supplies, Microscope slides & cover slips, Spring scales, Science lab supplies & classroom supplies.
Jenny Clark/Amie Butman$400.00a printer, Math manipulatives, small white boards and math workbooks
Julie Garcia$1,000.00Two (or three) Chrome Books for Classroom ($300 each); Futures Channel Yearly Subscription $75; Scholastic Math Magazine Yearly Subscription $325
Julie Kern$200.00tissue, post it notes, cardstock (white and colored), large spiral notebooks, lined paper, white copy paper, hand sanitizer, 3 x 5 index cards, plastic page covers, plastic folders with insert for three hole punched papers, Clorox wipes, 1.2 inch white three ring binders, manila folders
Julie Reshatoff$50.00School Supplies: including red correcting pens, pencils, glue sticks, fine-tip Crayola markers, colored pencils.
Katie Stromayer$500.00Chrome book for classroom use; Supplies for class projects (clay, construction paper, tape, glue, staples, colored pencils); Printer ink
Leslie Kerrigan$1,000.00Science supplies and equipment. Bunsen burners and fuel, digital scales, chemicals, disposable gloves, and other consumable lab supplies. Frogs and dissecting supplies.
Malmquist$1,800.00Playwright's Project Residency and a printer for us to use to improve our writing/editing skills
Melinda PInkerton$2,500.00Printer/scanner for the classroom Reverse Field Trip from the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum Classroom Chrome Books Classroom sets of high interest non-fiction books
Mr. Anella$200.00Classroom supplies for student use- (glue sticks, scissors, graph paper, whiteboard markers for activities, etc.)
Mrs. Armacost$800.00Three chromebooks for my classroom.
Mrs. Barker $700.00I would like to add 2 -3 chrome books to my classroom to give students an opportunity to expand their learning. I would also love any and all school supplies: Kleenex, pencils, expo markers, spiral notebooks, lined paper, graph paper, etc.
Mrs. Hendrix$900.00A NewELA reading subscription that provides students with nonfiction articles that support historical and current events, and can be adjusted for student's individual reading level. Small-group reading sets that are culturally relevant and appropriate for GATE, ELL, and students at various reading levels. Furniture for flexible seating.
Ms Meirowitz$450.00_ IPAD mini for faster more efficient entering of daily grades _ Classroom Supplies _Educational App. Licenses
Ms. Dotran$1,200.00Chemistry unit equipment (electrolysis of water, endothermic/exothermic reactions, density, acids/bases, etc.), waves unit equipment (slinkies, spectroscopes, etc.), other science lab equipment for new NGSS curriculum.
Ms. Katonyia Hammond$1,500.003 to 4 Chrome books for classroom use.
Ms. Kaun$2,000.00Student response system "clickers" for class of 36.
Ms. McCarthy$400.00Band-Aides, Ice bags, Tissue, water cups, snacks, field trip coverage.
Ms. Miller$3,000.001/2 size bass Better string upgrades Bass bows Transportation to events and festivals Instrument and Music storage Instrument maintenance
RANOA, JEFF$50.00(5) Professional Disposables Surface Disinfectant Super Sani-Cloth Wipes, 160 Count ($10.00 EACH) I "WISH" FOR 5 TUBES OF THIS FOR EXPLORATORY TECHNOLOGY AND CLEAN KEYBOARDS & MICE. https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Disposables-Surface-Disinfectant-Sani-Cloth/dp/B001GEZEAK?th=1
Reshatoff$365.00Monthly Subscription to Scholastic "ACTION" Magazine: Non-Fiction Articles written just for young teens that Inspire confidence for striving readers. Each story offers easy-to-navigate text, comprehension checks, and a skill-building teaching kit to help scaffold instruction for every learner.
Scott Corso$1,000.00Please consider donating any funds to help purchase event chairs for our school. Our seating for community events is limited. We want to accommodate as many people as possible so they can enjoy the Awards Assemblies, Back to School Night, Band/Orchestra/Choir Performances and other events. We plan to use these funds to by as many chairs as possible to increase seating at events.
Smita Mittal$2,000.00workbooks, lab supplies and consumable chemicals, classroom supplies (clip boards, white boards, erasable markers), 4 chromebooks for classroom
Stephanie Sgambelluri$1,000.00I would like to get three chrome books for my classroom.$680.00 The remaining money I would use for supplies: pencil sharpener, tissue, pencils, whiteboard markers, tape, Clorox wipes, tabs for dividers, file folders, etc.
Stephens$3,500.00Computers for classroom, printer for classroom and Playwright Project residency
Yvette Nolasco$1,450.00Academy PE - $350.00 - Aqua Dumbbells and Speaker/Sound System for Zumba Fitness Science - $600.00 - Reverse Field Trip/Explorations and Labs Social Studies - $500 - Reverse Field Trips

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