The Academy at Black Mountain Middle School

Important Dates/Times:

September 6:  Back to School Night


The 2017 - 2018 school year


Your generous donation funds the Summer Session, extra instructional time throughout the regular school year, enrichment activities and more.

Volunteering Information/Donation Information

As you continue to support the Academy, please be sure to check to see if your company participates in a corporate match program. Many companies have these types of programs, and will match up to 200% of your donation to the Academy program! Take advantage! Remember that any amount of donation helps to support our Summer Session, extended school day, and enrichment activities such as clubs, field trips, and more.

Checks/donations must be payable to EFBMMS (Education Foundation at BMMS) in order for the Academy team to process your corporate match.

For a complete listing of companies that participate in corporate matching please click here.

For more information or any questions regarding corporate matching, please email our Academy Gift Matching Coordinator at

As you know, the Academy is built around a set of student, teacher, and parent commitments – one of those commitments is volunteering. We sincerely hope that families will be able to volunteer their time to our students in the Academy program.

Please know that a donation or volunteering is not a requirement for acceptance to the program. Any size donation or commitment to volunteering is appreciated, and will not have any bearing on activities, participation or grades within the Academy program.


Online sign up for a carpool group is available. Click here if you are interested in participating in a carpool.

Volunteer Needs

We have several opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents. We encourage all parents to get involved in helping make Academy a great place to learn.

Click HERE to see the current positions. Questions? Contact LeAnn Erimli



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